James Joyce Ramble ‘Race of the Year’

From New England Runner

“After observing some titantic duels over the course of the 31 year-history of the James Joyce Ramble 10K, NER will readily admit that this year’s men’s US Masters Championship, contested in fairly raw conditions, ranks as numero uno…In the Open women’s race, New Balance Boston’s Jessica Minty and Karen Bertasso of the Willow St. AC (NY) both averaged sub-6s with Minty taking the checkered flag in 35:35 (5:44 pace) and Bertasso following in 36:40. “This was just a great race,” said Minty. “I’d never run it before, it’s wonderful.” That is a sentiment shared by most post-race revelers on the grounds of the Endicott Estate as a band played, Harpoon flowed, and the air temperature actually warmed a tad. You can’t control the weather, but JJR playwright Martin Hanley and crew produced a near flawless script….”